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Apply for the microdegree “Technology use in contemporary learning”

If you are an in-service teacher, university lecturer, educational technologist, or any other educational practitioner, the microdegree “Technology use in contemporary learning” offers you the possibility to develop your capacity to meaningfully use technology in education. During the microdegree you will also have the opportunity to be a part of an international community of educational researchers and practitioners devoted to studying and exploring the role of educational technology in contemporary learning. 

The format of the degree is blended, and it covers one semester. It starts in August with an onsite session with workshops dedicated to Technology Use in Education. The studies then continue from September onwards with a number of online courses dedicated to the study of Digital Literacy, New Learning Paradigm and Critical Issues of Technology Use in Education. 

The micro degree is specifically designed for those who are working full-time or who would like to develop professionally in the area of educational technology.  Also, the credits awarded during the micro degree (17ECTS) can be taken into account in the completion of the master’s programme in Educational Technology (60 ECTS).


Language: English

Conditions for starting studies: Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification (must be obtained by the end of June) and at least 5 years professional experience in a teaching position or in a position in which teaching staff are supervised or advised. The candidates with a master's degree or equivalent qualification do not need to prove their work experience. 

The deadline for submitting the application: 24/07/2022 (incl.) 
Session time: 15.08.2022 - 31.01.2023 
Price: 1020 euros
Credit points: 17 ECTS

This project is supported by ESTDEV – Estonian Center for International Development Cooperation and republic of Estonia.

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