Master's Studies in Educational Technology

The Educational Technology programme is a one year online programme designed to provide an opportunity for the professional development of people who are working or plan to work in positions that involve teaching and wish to use educational technology more effectively in their work. The programme is characterised by a problem-based approach and a large amount of practical training.

The programme may prove to be especially useful to people currently working at educational institutions (schools, universities, etc.) who did not have a chance to gain digital technology skills and knowledge during their studies (whether because such technological solutions did not exist or were only beginning to emerge).

Emphasis is put on teamwork in order to foster students’ skills of collaboration and help them develop a network of colleagues to rely on in their professional life. As a major innovation, our students are free to do the MA thesis as teamwork in small groups if their topics of interest allow it. Read more about the MA thesis here

The flexibility of the programme and major focus on e-learning make it especially well-suited to those who work – whether it be outside of Tartu or in another country.

In August there is ten days on site session in Tartu. Exact dates of the August session are usually published by early June. Graduation takes place in June with the possibility of virtual participation. 

VIDEO. Why study educational technology?

Courses, admission requirements and application

Key persons

  • Dr. Emanuele Bardone is the Programme Director of the Master’s Programme in Educational Technology and Associate Professor of Educational Technology at the Institute of Education of the UT’s Faculty of Social Sciences, where he is leading the Centre for Educational Technology. He is the author of several publications in international journals and has a blog.
  • Prof. Margus Pedaste is Professor of Educational Technology and the Director of the Institute of Education of the UT’s Faculty of Social Sciences. For more than a decade he has been involved in many national and international research and development projects.

  • Dr. Leo A. Siiman is Associate Professor of Educational Technology at the Institute of Education in the UT’s Faculty of Social Sciences. His research focuses on inquiry learning, collaborative learning, assessment of digital competence and spatial thinking. 

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