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The University of Tartu invites its alumni back to the university city on 18 May. The first half of the get-together "Back to the university" will be filled with gatherings at institutes, tours of the university buildings, lectures by legendary academic staff and revived student traditions.
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The concert is free for all schoolchildren and students and features music by Mozart, Vivaldi, Saariaho, Bochherini and Vasks.
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On 14 March at 13, all university members and language lovers are welcome to the university assembly hall to celebrate Estonia’s Mother Tongue Day.
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Junior Researcher of educational technology Pirjo Mõttus talks about her experience in learning the programme of educational technology.

Institute of Education in the University of Tartu

The Institute of Education provides research-based pre-service training for teachers, special education teachers, speech therapists, and social pedagogues. There is also an extensive in-service training programme for teachers, heads of schools, and university teaching staff. The institute’s main fields of research consist of teachers' professional development, students' assessment and support in development, educational technology, and special education.

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